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Innovative Product Awards

RER’s 2018 Innovative Product Award Category Winners

Designed with maneuverability in mind, the Hilti demolition hammer TE 2000-AVR is highly versatile, covering a wide range of applications. The TE 2000-AVR is a blend of power, ergonomics, and weight. At 26 foot-pounds of impact energy, and 1,800 impacts per minute, this demolition hammer features double the performance compared to tools in the same weight class (27 to 42 pounds), according to the maker, and has a similar performance to competitor tools in the 65-pounds weight class.

The unit is designed to maneuver and transport throughout the jobsite and is ready for use in minutes. With an Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) system, it allows for efficient performance and maximum working comfort. The TE 2000-AVR can handle floor demolition applications for base materials up to eight inches in thickness. It can also perform tile removal and ground rod driving applications.

“What Hilti designed in its next generation AVR, and is also included with the de-coupling of the tool body versus the handle, is a counter-balance system,” says Andrew Beard, product manager for breakers. “Inside the tool itself, it actually has the counter-balances that when the tool is sliding its piston forward and hammering and creating that impact energy, the energy then gets transferred up into the counter-balances that move in the opposite direction of the impacting force, and then vice versa when the impacting force goes back up, the counter-balances go down. So, it dramatically reduces the impact energy that gets transferred into the user and then actually keeps the impact energy into the material itself.”

Its brushless SR motor eliminates the need for regular replacement of carbon brushes. And the detachable power cord allows for a quick replacement of broken or damaged cords right on the jobsite.

“The TE 2000 has a removable and replaceable, detachable cord, within 30 seconds you can change the cord out,” adds Beard. “That’s unique to Hilti breakers and that’s something that a lot of guys find very valuable, that they can just detach that cord and that same cord actually works on other Hilti tools as well.”

 Tool electronics help ensure consistent performance in multiple power scenarios for the TE 2000-AVR. Whether running the tool from a wall outlet or a 100-foot, 12-gage extension cord, the performance remains consistent.

When used with the TE DRS-B and a Hilti vacuum, the TE 2000-AVR is Table 1 compliant with OSHA 1926.1153.

The unit is guaranteed to last at least two years. “Hilti has a 20, 2 and 1,” says Beard. “We have a 20-year warranty on wear and tear parts, a two-year warranty on anything that happens to that tool, and a one-day promised turnaround on repair.”

RER’s 2018 Innovative Product Award Category Winners

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